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Guarantees and warranties for beds explained.

All the beds on our site come with a manufacturer's warranty and/or guarantee.
We strive to carry only quality beds from reputable manufacturers that will rarely require utilization of the guarantee or warranty.
In the unlikely event that you should encounter a problem, please contact us with your order reference number and we will arrange with the manufacturer for an inspection of your unit.
The manufacturer services all warranty and or guarantee claims.

Guarantee explained

During the guarantee period, any problems with your bed will be rectified at the manufacturer's expense.
The manufacturer will either replace or repair your bed in accordance with their guarantee policy (it's most common to replace).
The guarantee period varies between manufacturer and model. We have listed a beds specific guarantee period on the bed's information page.
Most of our beds come with a minimum guarantee of 1 year to a maximum of 2 years.
The guarantee covers poor workmanship and/or material defects only.

Warranty explained

Your warranty is in effect as soon after your bed's guarantee period has elapsed.
The manufacturer will replace or repair your bed in accordance with their warranty policy.
The warranty period varies between manufacturer and model. We have listed a beds specific warranty period on the bed's information page.
Warranty periods differ vastly betwen manufacturers and models, anywhere from between 1 to 25 years.

The warranty claim is determined in the following manner.

The value of your bed ( Manufacturer's current recommended retail price or the price you paid for your bed.) will be divided by the number of years of the warranty.
This is then deemed the annual pro-rata portion.
The annual pro-rata portion is then multiplied by the number of years remaining in your warranty. (excludes the guarantee period).
This then is the amount you would receive as a discount against, either the cost to repair your bed or the cost to replace your bed.

Let's assume you bought a bed 8 years ago for R5000.00. Your bed came with a 2 year Guarantee and a 10 year warranty.
R5000.00 divided by 10 years =  R500.00 (pro-rata portion).
R500.00 x 4 years (10 years less the 6 years of warranty that has elapsed) = R2000.00 (total rebate).
You replace your old bed for a new one which now costs R10,000.00. You will pay the balance of R8000.00.

Important - please note:
1) The warranty period is not an indication of the life span of your bed, but rather the quality. Generally, the higher the warranty, the better the quality. 
2) The manufacturer will replace or repair at their discretion. Older or discontinued models will have to be replaced.
3) The warranty does not cover fair wear and tear. The warranty covers defects and /or poor workmanship only.
4) The warranty rebate in the event of replacement will only be applied against the same model bed, or current equivalent.
5) The manufacturer will only accept a guarantee or warranty claim provided that the bed is in a hygienic and clean condition, has been used in accordance to their usage specifications (max weight recommendations, usage etc), and has been maintained as per their mainenanace guidelines. (turning, rotation etc).

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