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Cloud Nine Company Info

Cloud Nine is a wholly owned independent South African company manufacturing mattresses and upholstered bases.

When the late Walter Laurie, Founder of Strandfoam, ventured into the business world in 1950 with 136 Pounds in his pocket, he had a dream. Little did he know that his dream would become an inherent part of the dreamworld of thousands of people.

Before Walter started creating comfort for dreamers, however, he provided cushioning for fruit in the form of woodwool. In 1957 he and his father imported the first woodwool machine and started supplying woodwool for South Africa's fruit export industry.
Though highly cost effective, woodwool looses its cushioning effect... and there was an urgent need for an alternative.

Walter started experimenting with polyurethane foam. An ester foam, the only type available at the time, proved effective, but was extremely costly.

Through further experimenting and with the help of a foam consultant from Copenhagen, Walter started producing an ether foam which provided perfect, cost effective cushioning for fruit exports. A contract for the supply of chemicals was entered into with Bayer, while machinery for foam manufacturing purposes was imported from Germany.

The Head Office in the Strand

The production of packing foam was soon well under way and Walter was in business!
The first factory for manufacturing of foam for bedding and furniture industries was established in the Strand in 1968.

This was the start of of the production of foam mattresses under the name Strandmattress, innerspring mattresses under the name Rest Assured, wooden frames and imbuia show wood for the company's furniture range, Laurielle. Today Strandfoam operates factories in Port Elizabeth, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Krugersdorp and Bloemfontein.

Cloud Nine began manufacturing in early 1979 in the Cape and have expanded operations to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth.
Cloud Nine's fully equipped ultra modern plant produces most of their own components. This includes the manufacture of their own foam (Strandfoam), spring units and coir pads (Flamboyant Bedding), wooden bases (Strand Box) and the weaving of their own damask ticking (Lautex).

The company's policy is embodied by
superb quality
personal service and above all
true value for money

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