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Verified by Visa

What is Verified by Visa?
Verified by Visa is the name of the service provided by Visa. It uses personal PINs and identity information to help protect Visa card numbers against unauthorised use online.

What is meant by a "participating merchant"?
  • It is a merchant that has registered for the Verified by Visa service.
  • For the service to be 100% secure, it is important for banks that issue cards and acquire the transactions on behalf of merchants are certified for this service. Cardholders and merchants need to participate to ensure complete security.
  • If a merchant is not certified, it is not a participating merchant, and it will not receive the benefit of guaranteed payment.
  • A participating merchant can be located in South Africa or anywhere else in the world.
How do I know whether a merchant participates in this service?
  • Most participating merchants will display the Verified by Visa logo on their sites.
  • Even if these logos are not displayed, a merchant may still be a participant and you will be prompted to enter your secret PIN.
How will the online merchant recognize my activated cards?
When a card that has been activated for Secure Internet Shopping is used at participating online merchants, your card number will be recognised and you will be prompted to enter your PIN to complete the purchase.

How does Secure Internet Shopping protect me?
  • When you correctly enter your secret PIN during a transaction at a participating online merchant, you confirm that you are the authorised cardholder and the transaction is then completed.
  • If an incorrect PIN is entered, the transaction will not be completed.
  • Even if someone has your credit or cheque card number, the purchase cannot be completed without your PIN provided that you are shopping at a participating merchant.
  • A fraudster will not be able to use an activated card at a participating merchant as they will not know the secret PIN you selected.
  • Your SecureCode CSP is the same as your CSP
What are the system requirements for Secure Internet Shopping?
  • Secure Internet Shopping works with most browsers. However, software that prevents pop-up windows may interfere with the service.
  • No special software is required for this service.
Will Secure Internet Shopping change the online purchase process?
The online purchasing process will not change, except that now you will be prompted to enter your PIN during checkout and payment.

Do I need to apply for a new card to use of this service?
No, you simply activate your existing card or cards.

Does it matter whether I have a MasterCard or Visa card?
No, both types of cards can be activated for Secure Internet Shopping.
I have additional secondary cards linked to my main account. How does that work?
  • Activation is for each card and a PIN is linked to that card during activation.
  • The person whose name the card has been issued in must activate each card.
Does this activation change my ATM PIN or Internet banking PIN?
No, they are all completely separate.

What will it cost me?
There is no charge for using the service.

When will the transactions appear on my statement?
As soon as the merchant passes a transaction to the bank for payment.

Must I reactivate my card that has been replaced due to being lost or stolen?
Yes, you will need to reactivate if your card number changes.

Must I reactivate if my card has expired?
No, as the card number does not change.

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Last updated - 11/12/2008

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