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Latex Foam Double Beds

Latex mattresses can be made from natural latex, synthetic latex, or a blend thereof. Latex shares many of the benefits of memory foam, but lacks the body shape conformity and slow recovery characteristics of memory foam. Latex foam tends to be more durable when compared to other foams.

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Memory Foam Double Beds
Do Not Turn Double Beds
Latex Foam Double Beds
Pocket Spring Double Beds

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Natural latex is produced from the rubber tree. Features include a soft feel and elasticity, as well as a natural resistance to certain bacteria, mold and mites. Consequently, being a natural product, it is inclined to greater quality variations.

Synthetic latex is manufactured through a chemical process which uses petroleum-based materials.
While sharing many of the physical properties of natural latex, the synthetic version often has a firmer feel and is said by some to better maintain resilience over an extended period of time.

Blended latex aims to combine the advantages of both natural (elasticity) and synthetic (durability) latex.
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